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10 Reasons Why You Need To Stay Silent At Times

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10 Glimpses How 'Love' is Purely Divine & Simply Holistic

The instances of the word 'Love' has been made into something obnoxious by the social turfs we live with. I have clear reasons and certain glimpses how the love we are talking about here is actual divinity on Earth. Let's have a look at these pictures to get a feel of something that words can't define: 1 Sense of Completeness
Etsy The Love between A mother and her child contains the mixture of deep experiences of life and sheer fun of childhood that they are sharing in the picture. 2 Beauty Lies in The Heart
Growing Boulder If you are going to choose your partner not by the sensation of the heart but by the feelings of bodily pleasures - Mind you! You're gonna loose color in the end. 3 Making Efforts Win You Hearts
MeetVille Those silly tidbit of loving each other that had our childhood spent together - I miss those moments My little Sister... 4 When Fortunes Merge Together
Twitter A moment when the presence of the person you love becomes your breath and you start dying t…

10 Lessons That Youth Teaches You, Nobody Really Can

'Youth' A rather twisted and simplistic word merged into one. It is not only about a period of time to get into enjoyments or working hard towards reaching some goals. Oh Com'on !! Everyone says the same things time and again. Here I am bringing forth some important Lessons to adhere to teachings of the youth. It is a way of life just like Old Age and Childhood are. (Don't worry, I will be writing about them too...) Let's Begin Our Thoughtfulness: 1. You Should Not Waste Your Scarce Resources - The Youth
The Culture Trip 2. Being Reckless At Most Times, Takes You Beyond Limits
Google Images 3. Mortal Beings Age - Youth Doesn't
Picasso 4. Some Memories Need To Be Lived Twice
LifeHack 5. The Fountain Of Youth provides some Cherishing Moments
ReciteThis 6. Today Is What I've Waited For, All My Life - Embrace It

10 Tender Reasons(with Quotes) Why Family Is Everything

A Family is a group of people who are committed to staying together as a single entity for the times to come. It resembles the sense of Unity among Obstacles. The togetherness that comes with the power of sharing is beyond the limitations of this article. Still, I will try my best to show you the 10 Reasons depicting Everything you can have, you long for, in a family. 1. Thankfulness Comes First Being A Part of The Family
Third party image reference Waking up everyday and taking things for granted can't be the choice you're willing to live with. Being thankful for everything fills the Family with the Joy of Life. 2. A Choice Made in the Subconscious
Third party image reference After waking up from a long night's sleep, You get to choose the qualities in each member of your family. Embrace it. It's rarely found for free. 3. You're Being Caressed With Affection
Third party image reference Well Done! You made some choices worth making. Now, Your parents, that cute little s…

10 Ways To Be a Better Version of Yourself

Disgraceful, Lonely and a Purposeless Life; We constantly and unknowingly, of course, are living the same version of our lives again and again that too without noticing a change. The pattern of life has degraded in this era on a run for commodities that look like providing a doorway to eternal happiness. Have you felt the loneliness of living in a digital yet agonistic world? Then, You are at the right place...
Life is Changing, Time is Passing while we waste most of our times babbling about some stupid worldly matters - giving away bits of our precious life's time that is more expensive than a heap of diamonds. 
The truth of this Situation isn't death to be obvious. Death only makes a temporary stop in this incarnating cycle letting us feel the freedom of not being in a body for just a little moment. Meanwhile, there is always another life full of responsibilities waiting to damn our existence within the crowd of living beings ravaging their lives but living. 
Here do I prese…